Vastarannan Kino brights up the northern darkness!

Pitch-dark Arctic circle calls filmmakers and film enthusiasts for a weekend-long Kino Kabaret workshop in Rovaniemi, Finland 25.-27.11.2016.


We humbly invite you to join us for the 3rd Vastarannan Kino – Rovaniemi International Kino Kabaret. Experience the polar night and take the challenge of shooting your film in two and a half days. There will be approximately 10 hours of daylight for the whole weekend. Luckily we provide some lighting equipment and a fully equipped video studio for you to rejoice!

Vastarannan Kino – Rovaniemi International Kino Kabaret is a weekend long short film making workshop where the films are made from scratch to final screening that is held immediately after the workshop ends on Sunday evening.

You can participate in any role in film crew. Come as director, cinematographer, actor, editor, 2nd unit grip, sound designer, muse, executive producer… Share your skills or challenge yourself with new positions.

Kino starts on fri 25.11. At 5:15 p.m. with a presentation meeting, where everybody introduces themselves and the directors introduce their projects and what is needed to accomplish the films. It is the time and space for everyone to throw their film ideas out there. After that people form working groups independently and start MAKING FILMS!!!
The films will be screened on Sunday evening the 27.11. The location is to be announced later.

Entry fee for the workshop is great big 5€! We will spend the money for insurance and some coffee and snacks at the kinolab.


Sometimes there are good discounts available. Anyway there is always student discount. But I recommend checking out ticket prices early! Train takes about 8-9 hours.

Flying is easiest and often cheapest. Finnair and Norwegian Air are flying to Rovaniemi. Tickets can be cheap (about 30€) or more expensive or sometimes super expensive. Right now when I check it would be 34€ for one direction. That is cheaper than taking the train. Flight takes about an hour.

You can also be wild and take a bus. There is a company called Onnibus, where the rides are cheap. Busses to Rovaniemi only go on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So actually you would miss the project meeting if you take the bus. So don’t do that, but maybe you want to return to Helsinki by bus… You’ll get back on Monday. The bus journey takes about 12 hours. One way ticket can be as cheap as 20€. Good sightseeing!

All participants coming from outside Rovaniemi will be offered accommodation either at a common accommodation space, or at a local participants’ couch.

We are happy to provide you with more information about anything, for example travelling options, facilities, good old kino memories, etc.